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Level 1

Sound Therapy Workshop & Online Course (Blended)

Foundation Certificate Course


At the Appletree, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1RU

18th, 19th October & 9th, 10th December      

Discover Sound Therapy with Roise and the Sound Healing Academy.

Interested in sound, helping others, and healing....

Do you want to help your family and friends?  


Sound Therapy works on all levels: the body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.


You can help people to gain ease of joints and muscles, ease of mind and emotions, gain a more positive outlook to life and much more.  


Sound Therapy will help you to achieve ease and joy for yourself too.  


Perhaps you are a therapist, musician, carer, teacher, or you are interested in knowing more about Sound Therapy?  


Healing Sounds can bring you back to yourself and help make you whole again.

This workshop is a very supportive and nurturing space.


It is an immersive experience where you can allow yourself to absorb the sounds, and begin a wonderful healing journey. It will change you!  


To facilitate this there is a maximum of six people in the workshop.  

You will learn how to play the instruments, to give and receive Healing Sounds, and the basics of how Therapeutic Sound works.    



This is a 4 day workshop help over two weekends  

               18th, 19th October &

               9th, 10th December



Teme Street, Tenbury Wells

Worcs, Herefordshire, Shropshire border,

near Ludlow

WR15 8AA


Workshop Times:

 Saturdays 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Sundays 9.30 am - 5.00pm    

The Workshop is lead by Roise who is an Associate Teacher with the Sound Healing Academy (SHA)  

The Workshop includes the SHA Online Course (hence Blended)


On this Blended Level 1 Course you will learn the basics of    

              •   Tibetan Singing Bowls in Sound Therapy

              •   Crystal Bowls for Healing

              •   Tuning Fork Therapy

              •   Gong Therapy

              •   Drums and Percussion for Healing

              •   Voice for Health and Wellness

              •   Plus the basic theory and concept of Sound as a Healing Modality.      


At the end of the 4-Day course, and upon completion of a Workbook, you will receive your Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy from the Sound Healing Academy (SHA).


This Level 1 Foundation Certificate qualifies you

to practice Sound Therapy techniques with your family and friends.

As a Therapist you will gain skills and techniques that you can integrate into your current practice.  







“All with the lovely smile of Roise, to encourage and support along the way.”  

Alex 2016


Blended Level 1 Foundation Course in Sound Therapy includes:

            •   Access to the Level 1 Online Course         

                    33 Video Tutorials        

                    6 Audio Recordings        

                    Slide show Webinars Handbook


             •   Workshop Training:        

                    The basics of how Sound Therapy works        

                    How to play the instruments        

                    Using the instruments for your own health and well being        

                    Receiving and giving individual sounds with a partner        

                    Giving and receiving a therapy session using several instruments

            • Support during the workshop and during the completion of your   






The use of Instruments during the workshop    


Instruments for sale: Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drums, bar chimes, percussion              









The starter  kit for sale You may want to buy a Starter Kit. It includes the all instruments necessary to complete your Workbook. What is in the Starter Kit?


       •  Printed Handbook with information about how sound therapy works

               the  Chakras, the basics of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls,

               tuning forks, drum and percussion, voice for health & wellness,

               intention setting, preparation for giving a sound therapy session.


      •  Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy

               Upon successful completion the Workbook you receive a

               certificate. This qualifies you to give sound healing to your

               friends and family.        



Workshop Program  

Day One

Overview of the course.  Healing with Himalayan/Tibetan singing bowls.  

Day Two

Working with Crystal Singing Bowls.  Tuning Forks in Sound Therapy.  

Day Three

Drums and Percussion for healing. Introduction to Gongs  

Day Four

Voice Therapy for Health and Wellness. Bringing it all together to create your own toolbox to help yourself and others.      






Each Day

 Each day there will be some gentle warm-up exercises.








This is a hands on practical workshop. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice with the instruments, to both give and receive sound healing.            


From this Level 1 Certificate course you will come away with

more than a dozen separate and distinct Sound Therapy techniques which vary in length. Each has a specific healing purpose.  


For example

      •        techniques specifically designed for relaxation and stress relief

      •        to release excess energy

      •        to bring in energy to areas where it is needed

      •        for pain relief

      •        grounding techniques, often as part of another technique  


There are techniques

      •        for working  directly on the body

      •        for working in the biosphere or energy field, around the body  


Sound Therapy packages.  

Each of these techniques is an individual Sound Therapy package. They vary in length from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Many of them can be lengthened into a whole Sound Therapy session.


Each of these packages uses one Sound Therapy instrument.

 The advantage of this is that you can start your journey into the healing power of sounds with just one Sound Therapy instrument, which you may already have!  


If you are wanting to help your friends and family these packages are ideal, as they can be easily fitted into daily life.  


If you are wanting to engage in your own personal healing these packages are simple and very effective, as you will soon discover for yourself!  


If you are a practitioner these Sound Therapy packages are ideal for integration into your existing practice.    


You will learn how to play Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and gongs. All the instruments are provided. And of course you can bring your own instruments too.    


Combining the Sound Therapy packages.


On the final day each participant will both give, and receive, a full Sound Therapy treatment.


A variety of instruments and several of the packages will be combined to provide a cohesive extended Sound Therapy session.  





By the end of the workshop will be able to both give and receive a sound therapy treatment for the health and well being of yourself and others.






This workshop is a healing space.

You will be experiencing for yourself the healing power of sound in a nurturing, healing and transformative space.  


You will learn how to create this safe nurturing healing space for others, and for yourself.


 Holding Space. You will experience how to hold this positive healing energy, through which to play the sounds. This in itself is a powerful and vital aspect of Sound Therapy and the workshop experience.  


Intention. You will learn how to incorporate intention into your sound therapy treatments. The intention you, your client, family member or friend has for a positive outcome is key to the success of Sound Therapy.

Each participant works with their own personal intention for a positive outcome for themselves.


There is more about the power of intention and how it is supported by scientific research in the Level 2 Practitioner Diploma Course.


Basic scientific principles which underly sound therapy are introduced.

NOTE that that the Level 1 Handbook covers this in more depth. In the workshop the science is introduced at a basic level.    

This course does not assume any knowledge, and you are welcome to ask where you need clarification.  


At the same time if you are a therapist, musician, or carer, with much experience, you will bring this all knowledge to bear on the information and techniques and personally engage at that level. Roise holds a great depth of understanding of the healing process, and the ability to pass this on.    



Participants are well supported in their healing. As well as Roise there is at least one experienced support person on hand in the workshop.    


The whole workshop is a positive nurturing space within which you personally will discover the power of sound to heal, and how to use this to help others.



"I have loved the whole course & gained so much knowledge & experience in sound therapy."

Wendy L. 2016  


My life has changed because of it, in a beautiful opening way. Roise has been a great support, extremely helpful and has gently guided us through.  Thank you! 

Tara 2016    


The Online Course  


The SHA Level 1 Online Course is Included with  the Workshop  Course.

It is the ‘Blended’ course.  


The online videos and handbook support the workshop experience. They explain clearly the theory of sound and how to use the sound healing instruments.  


So after the workshop you will have all the resources you need to complete the workbook and gain your certificate.  


Included are  


 7 Modules  


These contain video tutorials which demonstrate the principles and use of sound healing instruments.  

           Module 1  Healing With Tibetan Singing Bowls

           Module 2  Healing With Crystal Singing Bowls

           Module 3  Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

           Module 4  Healing With Gongs

           Module 5  Healing With Drums and Percussion

           Module 6  Your Healing Voice

           Module 7  Creating Integral Sound Healing Sessions  



The Handbook  


It is called “What is Sound Healing? How does it work?”  


 It contains 40 pages of information about the science and history of sound healing, the power of intention, the use of intuition, the chakras, The care of your sound therapy instruments, cleansing and clearing.


The Workbook  


This is where you put into practice what you have learned on the workshop and in the videos.  


There are practical exercises to increase your sensitivity to sound, and exercises to practice  sound healing on your family and friends.


You have three months from the date of your first workshop, to complete your workbook to the standard required.  



People have wonderful successes in treating their family and friends. It is very satisfying to get positive results. It helps you gain the knowledge that sound therapy really works! What is more - it is really satisfying to do! 








You will need these instruments to complete your workbook:  

Roise can supply them in a starter kit, or you can buy the instruments from your preferred supplier.  


The starter kit is made up of:

           •        1 x Tibetan Singing Bowl 7”- 8”

           •        1 x weighted OM fork

           •        1 x whole body set of 2 tuning forks (Notes C & G)

          •        1 x shaker    

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Assessment of your workbook

is included.



Live Webinar  


1 hour live, interactive online teaching and group coaching session with Tony Nec, the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy (also recorded with replay available)


Free Skype Tutorial

Included in the course is 1 x 30 minute one-to-one Skype session with Roise. You can discuss and ask questions about your workbook and sound therapy in general. Roise is a lovely person and a mine of information.    


Permanent Access


After completing the course you will have permanent access to the online resources.  

This means you can refresh your knowledge whenever you like!      


After you get your certificate if you want to go further with Sound Therapy training, you can progress onto   

     •  Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Sound Therapy,

     •  Specialist Courses focusing on one of the instruments covered in Level 1.

     •   Sound Therapy for Groups

     •  Short courses on many topics  


Check out the  Sound Healing Academy (SHA) website for details




Sound Healing Academy (SHA) is a Independent UK School providing training in Sound Therapy since 2003.  

SHA has students and practitioners in 17 countries across 6 continents, and teachers in 5 counties.  

SHA is an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT). This means you can get insurance to practice almost anywhere in the world.          


Workshop Facilitator


Roise O’Caollaidhe:  


Roise ( roe-sha) is the Associate Teacher for the Midlands, UK. with The Sound Healing Academy. (SHA)  


She has 20 years experience with healing and teaching healing.  


More about Roise 07511 621 856    



Roise will be happy to help you with more information.  


SHA teachers are independent Sound Therapists who work with the Sound Healing Academy. Each teacher brings to the same curriculum their own personal ‘flavour’ and experience.       




I loved every minute of the workshop. Roise’s pace was wonderful, her delivery was with passion and grace.

Her calmness and invitation to question/participate in group feedback was wonderful. She is extremely knowledgable and approachable.

She seems to cup her hands and invite people into her space rather than ask them to. Very intimate, supportive and nourishing.

Michelle 2016    


 I am well and truly hooked, and the possibilities and numerous tools that can be used for sound therapy provide a fun environment, and don’t ever get uninteresting.

I liked the online help and the videos a lot, and it was very easy to navigate through it.

Thomas Janek 2016    


I am not very confident using the computer but I found the website very easy to use and it didn’t fluster me.  All the information is clear and concise. My life has changed because of it, in a beautiful opening way. Roise has been a great support, extremely helpful and has gently guided us through.  Thank you! 

Tara 2016        


 Course Fee


 4-day Workshop + Online Learning Centre + Coaching & Mentoring + Live Webinar & Recordings + Assessment & Certificate:



The course fee does not include accommodation or meals. Roise is happy to provide details of local places to stay and eat.    



“This is one of the best things I have done for both myself and anyone else. I would definitely recommend this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class and the exercises. I continue to use sound therapy everyday, both on myself and others.”  

Jules 2016


More useful Information    





Teme Street, Tenbury Wells,

Worcestershire WR15 8AA      




Tenbury Wells is a small town on the border of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. For walks it has the River Teme and Parks.  And it has an cute little nineteenth century prefab Bath House, hence Tenbury Wells.  


  The workshop venue, S.E.N.S.E. is right by the river.    


S.E.N.S.E. is a new centre in Tenbury Wells, opened in September 2016



 •     Offering therapies, classes and workshops.

•     Shop selling products for vitality, wellness, health and happiness.

•     Meeting room for the community

•     Market stalls





Roise has her therapy room, The Sound Sanctuary, in S.E.N.S.E      


How to Get There  


By Car

S.E.N.S.E., WR15 8AA,  is just off the A456 and across the bridge over the River Teme.  


Pick up from Train  

There is a train line going through Ludlow which is 15 minutes away. If you are coming by train we will pick you up and drop you back at the station. If you book accommodation in Ludlow we can pick you up and drop you back there each day. 



There a many lovely BnB’s in the beautiful countryside near Tenbury. There is also accommodation in the local hotels. Ask Roise for a list of recommendations.  


Restaurants and Food  

For evening meals In Tenbury there are two Indian restaurants, and hotels (try the Rose and Crown) or take-aways. There are cafes for lunch (try the Spotty Dog).



The Pump Rooms and

Bath House      






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