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Sound Baths exclusively for a maximum of four individuals.

 What is a Sound Bath?  .

Very relaxing sounds” for several people: Tibetan singing bowls, mono-harp, chimes, wind gong, shruti, moon and ocean drums,  sansula, rainstick and more, are woven together for you to soak into.

Every Sound Bath is a new experience...


.. a feeling of being immersed in sound, hence a 'Sound Bath'!


 BOOKING : To BOOK contact Roise ( roe-sha )  07511 621 856 or Details below

What do people say ?

" I  came   to  my  first sound bath  with  no  expectations, with  my  only  physical  complaint some  arthritis especially in my  hands.  During  this  session  I  was  involuntarily  flexing  my  hands,  at  the  end  I  felt  a great  release  of tension and  stiffness.

A lovely experience. "     Mary K

"  The  healing  process begins as  soon  as  I  enter  the  sound room.   It is so  beautiful with  drapes, cushions and  candles that  I  immediately feel  uplifted. Settling down on  the  comfortable mattress covered in a blanket, the  magical  sounds bring  my  whole  being into  har mony.

Roise  puts  you  at ease  with  her gentle, caring  presence. "    Sarah


Where?      at The Sound Sanctuary near Tenbury Wells and Ludlow, Sth Shrop. Get DIRECTIONS here.

When?       every Thursday  7.00 - 9.00 pm.

Cost?          £10 booked and paid for two or more sessions. OR  £12 booked for one session.

£10 for two or more people who book and come together for one session.

Cup of tea, nibbles and conversation afterwards :-)

BOOKING : To BOOK contact Roise ( roe-sha )  07511 621 856 or

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